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Go to ANY poker forum and you will find many players that think “ON-LINE poker” is a SHAM, SCAM..

etc.(I happen to Agree that this might be TRUE “Especially with my account.” I could be wrong, but I doubt it very much.. ARE ALL ON-LINE POKER ACCOUNTS TREATED/CREATED THE SAME??? THE DEBATE CONTINUES, but with an ALIEN thinking XFilespoker style twist.

“XFP” was created to DEBATE this major “HOT BUTTON” POKER TOPIC – (SECURITY for POKER PLAYERS while playing ON-LINE) and ALSO – to TALK good old – WINNING POKER ways.. This POST might help expain our side of the debate.

ALL are welcome to join in..(In the various XFP forums) NO bad language unless in HOT TUB and “let’s be big boys & girls and act like grown ups with this poker chat” Thanks! – Big Daddy

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